Lesson #1 : Be Flexible (5-25-09)

Despite our best efforts to reach our site on Monday, there were a few road blocks preventing a timely arrival in Bor (the city where we were staying for the week.)

A brief description of our transit:

Thursday___(5-21)___-Flew from Denver to Boston
________________,,,,,-Met most of the team in Airport
________________,,,,,-Flew from Boston to Frankfurt

Friday_____(5-22)___-Arrived in Frankfurt for 18 hr layover
________________,,,,-Explored Frankfurt;ate sausages
________________,,,,-Flew to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

________(enjoying our 18 hr layover in Frankfurt)

___(5-23)__, -Waited several hours on a delayed flight, told
__________________, mid day our flight was cancelled and moved to
__________________, the next day. Put up in a really nice hotel,
__________________, where we explored Addis a bit and did some
__________________, official team intros.

_____________(Waiting in the airport- we got really good at that)

Sunday____,(5-24)_,_-Flew from Addis to Juba, Sudan
_________________,,-Met Michael upon arrival
_________________,,-Instead of beginning our 6 hour car ride to Bor
__________________ (the place where we would stay for the week),
__________________ we stayed the night in Juba because the roads
__________________ were "unsafe".
__________________-Met with Michael and other community leaders
__________________ and heard his story in person

Monday____(5-26)___-Took a small 12 seater plane to Bor
___________________-Settled into our hotel and explored a little

_____________________(our little charter flight to Bor)

____(Looks kinda like we're squished into a van, right? Nope, that's the plane.)

Despite all of the set backs, our team was really great throughout. We all learned to be very flexible and patient, and spent our down time getting to know each other. Honestly, hearing everyone's story was one of the highlights of my trip.

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