The Fruits of Our Labor (5-30-09)

__________(The Civil Engineers discussing our Wastewater design)

I already explained a bit of my responsibilities as a civil engineering intern – that research continued throughout the week. After our return from Jalle, the architects began their design, and worked really hard throughout the week to put Michael’s vision to paper. We met with him almost every night to show him our progress and make sure we were being faithful to what he wanted for the school and women’s center.

___(One of our architects, Sarah, presenting some design ideas to Michael)

After the design was pretty much finalized, I also got the chance to help out the structural engineer, checking calcs and putting some designs into AutoCAD, before our final presentation.

_________(The design presentation with the community members)

On our last night- we put together a slide show and presented our final design to Michael and the community leaders- It turned our really well, and they loved it! It was really cool to be able to present all of our work to them and see their response. We do have some more work to do back in the states to compile everything into AutoCAD drawings, and produce construction documents and reports that can be used as fundraising material. I will work on that with my fellow intern, Phil upon our return to the States in the Colorado Office.

(A snapshot of the school's design that we presented to the community members)

Our departure the next day was of course bittersweet: I was excited to not be sweating every second of the day (did I mention it was like 90+ degrees and 100% humidity?), but I wished I could spend more time getting to know the people and the culture there. Alas, Sunday morning we were sent off by a large group of community members, and began our trip back on that 12 seater plane back to Juba.

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