Rebuild Sudan

The ministry we will be serving is called Rebuild Sudan. It is an organization started by one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”, Michael Kuany. His story and that of the situation surrounding Southern Sudan over the past 20 or so years is truly heart breaking (I encourage you to read it on the link above). However, with the end Africa’s longest running civil war in 2005, there has been hope returning to the area. Families that were displaced as a result of the war are beginning to return home, and many of the “Lost Boys” who were able to go to the US and receive education, have begun to return to Southern Sudan with the hopes of rebuilding and bringing hope back to their home towns. Michael has that vision for his home village of Jalle Payam. We will be working closely with Michael while in Sudan to more clearly understand his vision and be able to design a primary school and a women’s center for the first phase of his overall vision for Rebuild Sudan.

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