Engineering Ministries International

Here’s a little about the organization that I am working for this summer. I’ve been nothing but impressed with my experience thus far, so I’d just like to give a little info on what their ministry is. Engineering Ministries International (eMi) is a non-profit group of architects and engineers (among a couple other disciplines) that provide free design work for ministries in the developing world. They partner with long term missionaries or ministries who are in-country, and design hospitals, orphanages, schools, Christian training centers, as well as the necessary water and waste water treatment systems. The entire staff raises full time support, and their work (in very simplified terms) consists of selecting projects in the developing world, and organizing teams of volunteer professionals to go on project trips and complete the needed design work. Upon their return from the 1-2 week project trip eMi staff (and interns!) put a lot of work into completing and compiling all the design information into a final design report including information to aid in fund raising and construction. The entire process can take a few months to a year to complete. eMi has completed over 800 different projects in over 80 different countries world wide. They have several offices: 3 sending offices: USA, UK, Canada; and 3 field offices: East Africa, South Asia, and Latin America.

As an intern this summer I will be going with a team on a project trip to Southern Sudan. There we will have an opportunity to do some research in country, meet with the ministry we are working for, and with the community we will be serving. We will do as much design work as possible in country, and complete the remaining work back in US. I will also likely be working on finishing up additional projects from earlier this year, and basically helping with whatever the staff needs help finishing up.

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